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Minimum Order $15.00

Duncan Ritual, Part One . First three degrees only

Cost: $13.00

Duncan's Ritual Part Two , the 4-7th degrees

Cost: $13.00

Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry; Author Malcolm C. Duncan. Paperback 281 pages. Guide to the three symbolic degrees and to the degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most excellent Master and the Royal Arch. Explained and interpreted by copious notes.

Cost: $13.00

Black Square and Compass; Author Joseph A. Walkes, Jr. Hardcover 176 pages.200 years of Prince Hall Freemasonry. Written by a Black Freemason from a black Freemason's viewpoint.

Cost: $19.50

Negro Freemasonry and Segregation, by Cass


Examination of Negro Freemasonry By William Upton. Explores the regualarity of Negro Freemasonry to the Grand Lodge of Washignton. Paperback 280 pages.

Cost: $20.00

Sleek stick-on auto emblem. Molded to cut out Master Mason emblem with shiny gold finish and blue enamel.


Approximately 3" round stick-on auto emblem. Master mason emblem with Key on blue background for Int'l masons.

Cost: $5.00

6" x 12" aluminum license plate for car. Light blue background with gold & blue Master Mason emblem.


Are you Ready to Check Out?